Time = Money: How We’ve Optimized Our Web Workflow to Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Costs
We have taken the time to develop and streamline our web design and development workflows to ensure that we plot out the most efficient route from proposal to finished product. We understand the necessity for rapid iteration and are always looking for ways to evolve and accelerate our own internal processes in an effort to offer you the best value for your well-earned dollar.
Does your website have to end in .com?
If you think that a business needs a .com web address to be legit... you’re .wrong.
Storm Team Spotlight: Designer and Developer, Shane Ross
Every project I have worked on has provided me with an outlet for telling stories through a combination of audio, video, and graphics. But that is only one portion of the amazing collection of things I get to do every day at Storm Cloud.
Got Links? (Why You Need Backlinks)
The landscape of search engine optimization is constantly changing. Building high-quality backlinks has never been more important, if you want to compete and thrive online.
Style Guides, Part 2: How Do I Create One?
Your style guide provides a reference for developers to use when building the website. A useful tool to have in your pocket is easy-to-remember, meaningful class names. This not only makes it easier to read and understand but also helps increase efficiency.
Style Guides, Part 1: Why Are They Important?
Think of a style guide as being like a brand guide for a website. Your company has guidelines that describe its identity through the use of color choices, typographical rules, and logo treatments. Your website can also benefit from having a single source of truth that dictates what each element should look like and how they should be used to compose a web page.
Marketing Challenges You May Face In 2021
Finding, facing, and overcoming obstacles in marketing is pretty commonplace for those of us who consider ourselves gurus.
You Need Blog Content - Here's Why
How do you convince potential customers that you are a credible source of information? The answer is you need blog content.
The Golden Ratio
In our modern world, you can find the influence of the Golden Ratio almost everywhere you look. Websites you visit, the apps on your phone, photography, the architecture of buildings, the logos of your favorite brands, and even in the music you listen to and the movies you watch on Netflix.
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