6 Reasons Why You Might Need a Graphic Video
Video can be used to spread brand awareness, inform consumers about your product or service, or deliver a message about a movement or a concept.
Storm Team Spotlight: Designer and Developer, Shane Ross
Every project I have worked on has provided me with an outlet for telling stories through a combination of audio, video, and graphics. But that is only one portion of the amazing collection of things I get to do every day at Storm Cloud.
Storm Team Spotlight: Creative Director, Jessi Whitehead
I'm Jessi— Creative Director at Storm Cloud Marketing, aka the Pink Ranger. As such, I oversee all things creative, from brand design to photography and video production.
The Pre-Production Checklist You Need For Video
You can’t just jump into video production without a plan. Before you even look at a camera, you need to put in the work during pre-production to plan out every aspect of the shoot. This is where a pre-production checklist comes in.
Things to Consider When Producing Video Content
Content creation is no longer confined to the worlds of marketing and advertising. Today, everyone carries a near-production-quality camera in their pocket. And video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok have become common household names. Everyone has access to the tools needed to capture and record anything and everything at the mere touch of a button. There is also more access to learning material than ever before.
Where You Can Find Music For Video
You can’t afford to hire an audio producer. How are you going to find free music for your video project in time to meet your deadline?
Marketing Changes In 2020
The Importance of Video in Your Marketing
So, You Want To Start a Podcast?
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