Do you have what it takes to achieve consistent branding? (a checklist)
Consistent branding is essential for any business who wants to be recognized and remembered. You may think that all it takes to achieve this is a logo and some colors, but no! It takes a whole arsenal of assets to truly achieve consistent branding across all of your advertising avenues. Use this checklist to determine if you have all the items it takes to achieve and maintain consistent branding for your business.
Let’s Talk Printing (A Comparison of Business Card Quality)
When it comes to business cards, there are a million and one options. From the shape and size, weight/thickness and surface to specialty finishes and more, each print shop offers many many options that differ from the options found at the next print shop. So how do you know where to order from and what options to choose? You ask us!
Pre Branding Information Sheet
Here is some information you’ll want to gather up and share with your designer when you start the branding process.
The Anatomy of a Brand Guide
Brand guides provide an in-depth description of the appearance of your brand, from the way it looks to the way it sounds. The more information it provides, the better understanding of your brand one can acquire from it. Let’s take a closer look at the pages of one of Storm Cloud’s most recently created brand guides and talk page-by-page, about the information that each section provides and why it’s useful.
The Whys and Hows of Brand Consistency
Your brand is the persona of your business — your public image, your reputation, your identity. It should be as easy for consumers to recognize your business as it is for your friends to recognize you.
Is Your Logo Costing You Big Bucks?
There is no good or accurate way to measure how many potential clients choose NOT to give your company a chance based solely on aesthetics, so there is no way to tell just how much revenue your bad logo is costing you. But we guarantee that it is, and that number could stretch well into the thousands.
Storm Team Spotlight: Designer and Developer, Shane Ross
Every project I have worked on has provided me with an outlet for telling stories through a combination of audio, video, and graphics. But that is only one portion of the amazing collection of things I get to do every day at Storm Cloud.
Storm Team Spotlight: Creative Director, Jessi Whitehead
I'm Jessi— Creative Director at Storm Cloud Marketing, aka the Pink Ranger. As such, I oversee all things creative, from brand design to photography and video production.
Look, Mom! I Made That!
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