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Design Trends in 2021
Several new design trends are making their way into 2021. These include muted color palettes, geometric shapes, flat icons, and serif fonts. We like to think we are cutting edge, in terms of design, and have been incorporating a few of these trends before they started...trending. But, we have taken the time to add a few extra in our most recent brand refresh.
Business Branding Process
Why is a marketing message important?
The message of a company is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Without the right message to connect customers to your brand, product or company, you risk missing the chance of connecting to a lifelong customer.
How to Build a Recognizable Brand
Everyone wants to find security in life. Many find security in their jobs, perhaps because they believe they have achieved financial security in their position within a company. That’s great and all for the employed, but what about us entrepreneurs? How can our business provide us with the feeling of security in a competitive business environment? Successful entrepreneurs have found such security by focusing on branding. Let’s discuss how you can achieve similar success by building a recognizable brand.
From Abstract to Tangible
Brand development is high on our list of favorite undertakings. There is just nothing quite like taking a whole lot of abstract ideas and mushing them together to create a tangible end product that tells an entire story all by itself. Indian Creek Outfitters asked for a brand that reflects their upscale outfitting services and experience focused mentality. Their number one request was that it display a professional look and feel while clearly portraying what they do.
A brand that fits just right
A company’s brand is arguably one of the most important parts of the business. I mean, it’s literally your face. It’s what people see first. It’s how people remember you. It’s how people know you. (Shave off your beard, and no one will recognize you.) So when we have the opportunity to do brand development for a client, whether it’s a new brand or a refresh of an existing brand, it’s important that we get it just right.
Execution — The killing of a Crazy Llama
One continual challenge that an agency faces is being able to execute the vision of a client who already has a good idea of what they want, exactly the way they imagine it, and then take it to the next level.
The birth of Storm Cloud Marketing
Evolution is a necessary part of growth for any business—ours included. We’ve experienced many transitions over the years. From its birth in 1998, this agency’s infancy was spent focused solely on local media placement. In 2008, it started to introduce creative services. In 2014, creative services began to grow to equal (and eventually surpass) media placement. Since 2014, we’ve experienced a thousand sub-transitions, pivoting to meet the needs of the fluid marketing landscape.
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