Do you have what it takes to achieve consistent branding? (a checklist)
Consistent branding is essential for any business who wants to be recognized and remembered. You may think that all it takes to achieve this is a logo and some colors, but no! It takes a whole arsenal of assets to truly achieve consistent branding across all of your advertising avenues. Use this checklist to determine if you have all the items it takes to achieve and maintain consistent branding for your business.
Why you NEED Professionally-Shot Candid Photos
If you are a business with a social media account, a website or Google My Business Page, if you run digital ads, have printed promotional materials or billboards or attend trade shows, then you really need a stockpile of high-quality professionally-shot candid photos that accurately and beautifully portray who you are and what you do; that show the world just how amazing you are! And we can help. Take a look at some of the commercial photography options we offer here.‍
Don’t Lead with You. Connect with People Better.
If you aren’t making an effort to know your customers on a personal level, your digital marketing efforts are likely to fall flat.
The Great Customer Journey
Do you know what happens before somebody needs your business? What's the journey customers take to find your business?
The Whys and Hows of Brand Consistency
Your brand is the persona of your business — your public image, your reputation, your identity. It should be as easy for consumers to recognize your business as it is for your friends to recognize you.
6 Reasons Why You Might Need a Graphic Video
Video can be used to spread brand awareness, inform consumers about your product or service, or deliver a message about a movement or a concept.
10 Magical Marketing Memes for Merrier Mondays
Who doesn’t love a good chuckle? A well-placed meme or gif can help lighten the mood and brighten even the dreariest of Mondays.
Find A Way to Win
Whether you need to pivot your marketing strategy, overcome a team shakeup, or recover from a rough sales month, you'll have moments when you need to find that "Mahomes Magic" within yourself and collaborate with your team. Maybe Storm Cloud is the awesome team you need to partner with, that can help you overcome whatever you are facing and find a way to win.‍
Storm Team Spotlight: Experience Coordinator, Tony Hulfeld
Hey there! I'm Tony, the Experience Coordinator at Storm Cloud Marketing. They say that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that worn-out cliché is the only way to make sense of why things happen. Here’s the story of how I became part of this awesome team.
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