Common Misconceptions About Digital Advertising
Which Social Platform Should You Be Advertising on?
Sometimes, the social channel that a you think you should use is not the most efficient channel to achieve your goals, or you have been using a platform for a while that just isn't getting the results you were hoping for.
Keep Your Business Growing During an Extended Quarantine Stay-at-Home Era
When we're in a crisis like we're in right now, the first thing you think of is keeping your family safe. If you're a small business owner, that safety includes keeping your business alive. To this point, you've beaten the odds. You made it past the honeymoon period, you finally started breaking even, and maybe you even started seeing a profit as your business matured. Then, COVID-19 happened. Now, you're faced with a challenge you never prepared for, and if your business is going to survive, you need to think hard and act fast.
TV versus Radio versus Digital Marketing
Have you been thinking about how best to reach your customers? As a business owner, it is important to understand the best options to match your marketing needs. How you advertise affects your customer reach and marketing budget. We will introduce you to the differences and benefits of radio, television, and digital marketing to help you find the right fit.
If you build it, they will (not always) come
If you’ve ever visited our website, our social media, or even our office, you’re probably familiar with at least a few of these pretty faces. These ladies spend more time in front of our cameras than almost anyone else. But what do we actually do with all these photos of them?
How net neutrality affects marketing
The end of Net Neutrality is a hot topic and, as a marketing agency, we feel a responsibility to be prepared for how it might impact our clients. In doing this, we can also prepare you, the small business owner or marketer, for what may be coming.
Marketing Trends Heading Into 2018
As we near the end of 2017, marketers and business owners will inevitably scramble to figure out what changes need to be made for 2018. Even if what you’re doing is working just fine, you need to keep an eye on the emerging trends and technologies, and you need to start auditing to see how they might plug into your current plan.
Google Analytics: The Basics
In the first of this series, we illustrated how to set up a Google Analytics account and link it to your website. Assuming you have set it up and left it for a number of days to start tracking the data, this is a guide to the initial metrics and how they impact your website.
Website checkup: Setting up Google Analytics
Part of optimizing your website for search engines is learning how to use metrics to analyze your site. How do users find your site? If you haven’t asked yourself that, then you may be missing on some opportunities. There are a ton of sites that can show you who and how people are getting to your site, but Google’s Analytics are the ones you want to pay attention to, and bonus, it’s free.
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