You know you need to advertise

but you want to avoid wasting your precious and limited advertising dollars.

There’s several things that should happen before you even consider running ads.

Know Your Audience

It’s important to know exactly who your customer is. How old are they? What are they interested in? What’s important to them? How do you normally get their business?

Developing a strategy

You should use what you know about your audience to develop a strategy that can be implemented and then be tested.

Part of that strategy should be Defining and Measuring The Right Goals and measuring them correctly.

If you’re not tracking your goals...well you can’t measure success.

If you’re not tracking them correctly then the data you use to steer optimization is going to be flawed.

Pick the Right Platform

Your customers aren’t found in the same places as my customers. It’s important to know which platform is going to be more useful in connecting to your ideal customer.

Do you serve individuals? Are you business to business? Are you trying to reach stay-at-home moms or top executives?

More Research

Depending on the platform you pick you’ll need to do more research that could include keywords, interests, job titles, social media groups, etc.

If you’re not doing all these things before launching ads, I can almost guarantee that you’ll waste your money.

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