Turn video ideas into solid plans with scripts.

Storm Cloud Marketing helps businesses plan, create and deploy effective scripts for video and audio.

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We can just wing it, right?

You can have an idea, wing it during shooting, then get to editing only to pull your hair out, because the video is way too long, and there's no good way to cut it down.

There has to be a solid plan in place to avoid pain and frustration, unless you're into that sorta thing. Knowing what to include in a script, how to time actions, the pace to read speaking parts - all take experience. You have to screw it up enough times to get it right, or work with someone who has already gone through all of that.

Let's talk about avoiding video pain.

Storm can help you create usable scripts.

Let's talk about creating awesome scripts.

We've written hundreds of scripts that have actually been used.

Over the more than ten years we've been doing video, we've created scripts for every video project we've approached. We've used scripts as our guides for logistics, filming, lighting, audio, editing and graphics.

Our scripts don't just guide fictional scenes where actors interact to promote a product or service. Our scripts keep every kind of video project on track - from testimonials to topic videos, hype reels, even background videos made up entirely of "b-roll", all driven by a plan that the script lays out.

How it works:

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Get the most out of script writing

Say what needs to be said

We can help you put it into words. Our creative team is nothing short of magical when it comes to making your entire story fit into a 30 second video. We know how to find the right words to tell the right story, just the way it needs to be told AND to make it fit into the proper time frame. Whether you're running a 30 second radio spot or a 15 second digital video advertisement, we can script it.

Telling a great story

There is always more than one way to get your point across. Sometimes, it's best coming straight from you. Sometimes, it's more impactful coming from a happy customer. Sometimes some humor can make it more relatable, or maybe fewer words make the most sense. We're storytellers. It's what we do. We look at the big picture, visualize the end result, and script your story in the best way possible to engage your audience and familiarize them with your message.

Find your voice

We take the time to understand the intent of your message, the tone of your business, and the audience you're reaching. With that knowledge, we start building a script; creating a unique narrative that fits the medium you need to use it for.

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