Gain Understanding and control of your marketing.

Storm's 9-step 90-day DIY program will show you the way.

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The Marketing Monster

Arnie has run a sporting goods retail operation for several years and, until recently, he had been lucky. His business grew to the point where he was able to open another location in another town, and that’s when he first discovered that leaving the fate of his bottom line to luck wasn’t going to cut it.


Storm's DIY program teaches you to think like a marketer.

Storm knows how overwhelming marketing can be.

When you’re flying blind and have no controls to steer with, it’s impossible the create and control change. Relying on luck is a huge gamble, even if your business is booming right now. Gaining insight and control over marketing is gaining insight and control over the fate of your bottom line, your business, your livelihood, and the livelihood of those who depend on you to find success. No pressure, huh?

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How it works:

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You don't just want to understand your marketing.
You want to be able to control it.

You don’t just want to understand your marketing - you want to be able to CONTROL it. You want to be able to make a change and see direct results. You want to know what to do before you need to do something. You want to control the fate of your bottom line - your business - your livelihood.

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