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How important is it to have a strategy?

Without a solid plan, you can easily burn through your marketing resources without moving your ship in the right direction.

There are too many options available in modern marketing (which is great) to not have a clear plan that defines goals and targets. Even if you are adventuring into ground-level marketing experiments, you need something to guide you on what is having an effect and what is not.

Having a marketing plan prevents burning through your resources aimlessly.

Let's talk about not getting burned.

Storm can help you plan for success.

Strategy drives everything we do.

We've been helping businesses with advertising and marketing since 1998, and no matter what kind of project comes our way, we're going to talk strategy first.

You may come to us with an idea for a video, and we're going to ask how you're going to use it. You may want a new website, and we're going to want to talk about what your prospects and customers need from it.

You may want something pretty. We want you to have something that works, and that requires a solid strategy.

How it works:

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Let us develop your plan.

Our marketing strategy development services help your business create and implement an effective marketing strategy to produce measurable results.

Marketing strategy development is an exploratory and experimental process. Most marketing strategies need to be tested with small-scale projects first, and then scaled as favorable results are achieved.

How do we develop your marketing strategy?

Our team uses marketing research to formulate thoughtful and custom marketing strategies for your business. Our custom marketing strategies ensure that you’re intentionally using targeting to help achieve your goals, and that you have systems in place to monitor and measure results. We purposefully set these systems and goals in place so that you can adjust course as necessary as your business grows and changes.

Strategy Development Process

1. Consultation

We first talk with you to learn about your business. We want to know the problem you’re solving and who you’re solving it for.

In this part of the process, our team audits your current marketing flow–how users are getting to your business. This includes your business's website, social media, creative content, and more.

2. Discovery & Research

After our initial meeting, we pinpoint critical areas that may be affecting your business. Our team researches what your targets are really looking for and fills in any blanks to get a complete picture. We map out your current flow to allow you to clearly identify areas with opportunities for improvement.

3. Development

After mapping out your current flow, our team develops the ideal marketing flow customized for your business. We develop the steps to get from your current marketing flow to a strategic, effective flow that is trackable, measurable and able to grow.

4. Delivery

Our team delivers a fully customized strategy including digital, creative, and website recommendations for you to keep. We discuss the steps to implement your strategy for your business over a period of time with you. We understand that implementing strategy takes time so we want to support this transition by showing you where to start.

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