So a prospect has decided that they want you to be their solution provider.

You are... the chosen one... don’t screw it up.

How does that prospect take action to become a customer?

Scratch that - how SHOULD they take action?

If we’ve learned anything in the past couple of years, it’s that huge leaps in customer convenience are possible.

Think about the growth in curbside, and now, that’s an expectation.

Even if you’ve already made major changes to make it more convenient for users to acquire your solutions or products,

you can’t stop improving now.

What can you do differently to make it easier for your customer?

And not just in the acquisition of the solution or product, but in its use.

Examine the process through your customer’s eyes, every detail, and get creative.

Don’t wait for another lockdown to improve the process for your customer.

Do it now.

Make one thing easier, and see what happens.

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