You can complain about your online privacy,

OR you can complain about seeing crappy ads that have nothing to do with your life needs.


As a marketer, I used to be able to use Facebook Ads to target a 42-year-old parent, makes over $250k, drives a BMW, has freckles, and uses silicone straws...

but now, my choices are basically down to “is alive” and “lives on Earth”.

That may be a touch dramatic, but that’s where it’s headed.

I get that there are shysters out there who misuse information, but the intent of sharing your information is so that marketing guys, like me, can show you content that you’ll actually want to see.

You only want to see stuff that’s relevant to your life, and I only want to show you stuff that’s relevant to your life.

But I can’t.

So please, for the love, don’t make it any worse than it already is.

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