Avoiding Wasted Ad Spend in Digital Advertising
There’s several things that should happen before you even consider running ads.
Taking Action to Become a Customer - The Customer Journey
Even if you’ve already made major changes to make it more convenient for users to acquire your solutions or products, you can’t stop improving now.
The Influencer & the Customer Journey
Every customer you serve forms an opinion on their experience. Everyone is a potential influencer. Now, what are you going to do about it?
Build Your Own Customer Journey Plan
Storm has a 9-step, 90-day DIY program that helps you build your own customer journey plan and shows you how to bring it to life.
The Great Customer Journey
Do you know what happens before somebody needs your business? What's the journey customers take to find your business?
Online Privacy & Crappy Ads
You can complain about your online privacy, OR you can complain about seeing crappy ads that have nothing to do with your life needs. YOU CANNOT COMPLAIN ABOUT BOTH.
Does your website have to end in .com?
If you think that a business needs a .com web address to be legit... you’re .wrong.
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