If you think that a business needs a .com web address to be legit...

you’re .wrong.

  1. More and more, people aren’t even entering domain names, they’re searching for the website from the address bar, because it’s getting faster and easier, and it also helps them confirm they’re going to the right place.

    a. Also, if they’ve been to the site before, their browser is going to autosuggest the site after a few letters.

    b. When was the last time you typed in an entire website address? Desktop or phone. Ain’t nobody got time fo' dat.
  2. There are more than 1,500 top-level domains (aka domain extensions), like .dentist and .surf., and finding the right one can actually help make your website’s offering more clear to potential users.

    a. stormcloud.marketing for instance explains that we do marketing, whereas stormcloud.com could mean a lot of stuff that doesn’t help clarify our website’s intentions at all.

    b. More and more, your domain name is going to be a marketing tool that just also happens to be directions to your website.

    c. If you’re faced with choosing an annoyingly long .com or a concise .whatever that fits your website’s focus, choose the one that’s easier to remember... even if people will never need to remember it, because they’re not going to type the whole thing in.
  3. There are assumptions about certain domain extensions, like .org infers community organizations or not-for-profits, so... y’know... be decent human being and don’t mislead people. The .com domains are still the bomb... .com... they’re the OGs, but you now have to create a long .com or pay a hefty premium for a short .com if you’re starting something new, OR, you can be a marketing badass and snag an extension that makes sense.
  4. You do you boo boo.

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