7 minutes.

With just 7 minutes to go in Super Bowl 54, the Kansas City Chiefs are facing a seemingly impossible deficit. Backed up to a 3rd and 15, Patrick Mahomes makes yet another incredible throw as he's being tackled, channeling that "Mahomes Magic"...and completes it for a massive gain. One play. One throw.

One moment that changed the game.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs would go on to score 21 points in the final 6 minutes of the game and bring home their second Super Bowl victory. All because they found a way to win.

Winning isn't limited to just sporting events or the casino. When you're running your business, you have to constantly find ways to win.

When it comes to your marketing, much like Super Bowl 54, one decision can change everything. Strategy is crucial when it comes to making those key decisions. Without the proper strategy (or play calling, for all you sports fans who are still reading), you may find yourself burning up your budget and resources without seeing the desired results.

At Storm, we’re a strategy-first company. For those of you who want to be heavily involved in your marketing strategy, we developed our MVF program to teach you how to discover, execute, and optimize your own marketing strategy. Whether it's a video, a social media promotion, or even a billboard, without laying out a proper strategy, you could be throwing money at a problem without finding the proper solution.

But finding a way to win isn't limited to just marketing. Applying that mentality is crucial in all aspects of your business. Sometimes life can hurl changes at you without any warning, and it can feel like a 300-pound lineman landing on you. You may be laying there, feeling like there's no way you can get back up and keep going, but you can. You have to find your way.

This is when it's crucial to lean on your team. Whether you work with 5 people or 500 people, the team you surround yourself with is key. You need to be able to lean on them for those times when you're down and out. Those team members will be there to pick you up.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for unexpected challenges is to always have a Plan B. When you're brainstorming with your team, make sure you come up with multiple options. In the event that an obstacle comes up, you and your team are ready to jump into action with the next plan.

Whether you’re on Plan A, B, or C, you should always be ready to change course when needed. If your back is up against the wall, that's when you channel your inner Mahomes and start strategizing your comeback.

Once you're ready to start the 4thquarter comeback with your team, always be open to change. Maybe you’ve been running the same newspaper ads for years and it just doesn't seem to be working. Look at it as an opportunity to pivot your strategy to digital advertising. It could be the change that makes all the difference.

This is where adding a marketing agency to your team could be the free-agent signing your team needs (still with me sports fans?)

Maybe your marketing isn't the only adversity your business is facing. With teams both big and small, team members can come and go. Losing a team member, no matter their role, can feel like a huge setback. This is when you have to rely on your other team members to overcome those challenges.

You have worked hard to build a team of capable individuals, and you know what they can handle. You picked your team. You trust your team. If you trust them, they will trust you. Lead your team, and they will help to lead you over the mountain of adversity and to victory on the other side.

The next time that lineman comes barreling down at you, you know that you have the right team in the right places to pick you up, dust you off, and take the next snap head-on.

Whether you need to pivot your marketing strategy, overcome a team shakeup, or recover from a rough sales month, you'll have moments when you need to find that "Mahomes Magic" within yourself and collaborate with your team. Maybe Storm Cloud is the awesome team you need to partner with, that can help you overcome whatever you are facing and find a way to win.

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