Why you NEED Professionally-Shot Candid Photos
If you are a business with a social media account, a website or Google My Business Page, if you run digital ads, have printed promotional materials or billboards or attend trade shows, then you really need a stockpile of high-quality professionally-shot candid photos that accurately and beautifully portray who you are and what you do; that show the world just how amazing you are! And we can help. Take a look at some of the commercial photography options we offer here.‍
Storm Team Spotlight: Creative Director, Jessi Whitehead
I'm Jessi— Creative Director at Storm Cloud Marketing, aka the Pink Ranger. As such, I oversee all things creative, from brand design to photography and video production.
6 Steps To Taking Better Brand Images Yourself
It is possible to take quality images yourself with nothing more than a good smart phone and this list of rules.
Look, Mom! I Made That!
Customizing Images for Social Media
If you're someone who really enjoys posting to social media, or if you just want to maintain complete control over your social platforms and just want to up your game, I've got good news— it's still surprisingly easy, and you can do it right from your mobile device!
Jon Koucky's Time Machines Take Us Back to the 60s
Jon Koucky’s refurbished Volkswagen camper bus is a tubular time machine, a vibrant look backward into the halcyon days of the Haight-Ashbury 1960s, when free love and legal LSD dominated the cultural landscape and paved the way for bands like The Grateful Dead to stamp their names into the rock n’ roll lexicon.
If you build it, they will (not always) come
If you’ve ever visited our website, our social media, or even our office, you’re probably familiar with at least a few of these pretty faces. These ladies spend more time in front of our cameras than almost anyone else. But what do we actually do with all these photos of them?
When photographers become models
You have to be a special flavor of crazy to work here at Storm Cloud Marketing. Not only does that require putting up with some really strange and random conversations in the studio on a daily basis, it also means having to be skilled in several areas, not just one. No one here is just a photographer; they’re either a photographer/graphic designer/creative coordinator, or a videographer/designer/strategist/photographer, or some other combination. This fluid skill set creates an opportunity for us to deploy three photographers on a single shoot – as both photographers AND models.
Navy Thompson's Senior Pictures are Untouchable
We don’t do senior pictures – we just don’t. In all of the craziness through the years, the topic of senior pictures hasn’t even come up… until recently.
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