2020 was… different.

It started as a continued mission into marketing optimization. We set out to help clients improve their businesses using the past months and years as a benchmark for growth. Then, things got weird. Suddenly, every business, every human, was experiencing something completely new. The world was turned on its head. Overnight, people completely changed the way they live – the way they absorb information, the way they communicate, the way they shop, the way they eat, the way they dress – the deck was completely reshuffled. The world of marketing stopped in its tracks and let out a collective “What?” Benchmarks disappeared. We were in uncharted territory, and we had to find our bearings.

We help businesses navigate and overcome the competitive challenges of winning and keeping customers. So, we saw the challenge that 2020 was throwing down, and we knew that we had only one possible path – work the problem.

The patterns that we observe as marketers drastically shifted overnight, and we immediately dove into group discussions about the possible paths this could take. How could we help clients quickly adjust to these new ways? We quickly landed on this thought:

“We must not assume that this change is temporary. We must build a new experience to match the customer’s new path. If/when this does pass, we will have implemented improvements that will likely live on.”

We looked at each business with this thought as our filter, and we quickly made recommendations for immediate change. We like to think that this helped make the adjustment to this new reality less painful, and we know for sure that it spurred the innovation for improvements that will live on.

As time went on, we had benchmarks to use again. We could help businesses improve DURING this new reality. We could fulfill our purpose. We could start having fun again.

This video is a small glimpse into the fun we had in 2020.

As for 2021… bring it on.

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