Do you see other people and businesses posting frequent blog content and find yourself wondering what the big deal is? If not, I am here to tell you that you need good quality blog content. This should be top of mind. There are many different factors that make blog content valuable to your company. Let’s dive in!


you need blog content

There is a specific area that your business has expertise in and it typically falls within the industry your company resides in. How do you convince potential customers that you are a credible source of information? The answer is blogs. Often referred to as articles, blogs provide your potential customers with relevant and useful content. It allows them to educate themselves about topics that relate to your products, and services as well as your industry in general.

This valuable content should be used to educate your audience. It should not be worded or written in a manner that makes them feel like you are trying to sell them something. By giving them this information for free, you’re able to build trust with your current and potential customers.

When you build credibility and trust with people they are more likely to commit to purchasing your product or service. For example, you could write about an important issue that affected your company and how you overcame it, or you could talk about common obstacles relating to your industry and solutions that they, the consumer, can put into action. Another great way to provide valuable content is to center it around frequently asked questions and provide solutions.

Site Traffic

Blogs drive more search engine traffic to your website than would be sent if you didn’t have blog content at all. When potential customers are searching Google for topics relating to what you offer – you want to show up. When you add new blog content to your website that contains keywords relating to your industry, search engines see the additional information as a source of credibility and will flow more traffic in that direction. Organically this will increase your traffic over time.

This type of traffic may not have otherwise visited your website if it weren’t for the organic search result that linked back to your blog.

Improve SEO

Building credibility through blog content improves your search engine optimization. Why is this important? Search engine optimization is how Google decides to rank your website. Yeah, told you it was a pretty big deal. By adding new and relevant content to your website Google chooses to rank you higher than other websites that do not contain or provide useful and relevant content.

Blogs are full of keywords that might not otherwise be on your website. These keywords are important when people are searching for solutions you can provide. What are users typing into Google to find products or services relating to your website, business, or industry? These are the types of keywords that should be included in your blogs.

You can check your website’s SEO by using a tool such as SEMRush.

Read more on why being on page one of Google is so important.

Social Media

You can use your blogs as landing pages linked to social media posts. By doing this, you can drive traffic directly from your social media channel to your website. Not only will they visit your website, but they will also be armed with sharable content they can share with their followers who may not have heard of your business. Aside from the time, it will take you, it’s free advertising.

Convert Leads Easier

With a consistent amount of new traffic coming to your website from blog posting, you can start to capture leads that convert to clients or increase sales. This can be done easily by adding a simple call-to-action within your blog. A call-to-action (a link or button) asks the user to make a move.

For example:

  • The user reaches your website from social media post of the blog
  • The user views the call-to-action “Download Free EBook Here”
  • The user enters their information such as name and emails to receive this free download
  • Your business now has a possible lead to convert for your business

If you own a smaller business this extra expense may not squeeze into your budget. That’s okay! Remember that the key is consistency. Start with one blog a week and work up from there. There is no wrong way to go about accumulating blog content as long as it is getting created and posted in a consistent manner.

Align Strategy

Blogging is very crucial to a business’s online presence however it needs to align with all of your business’s marketing strategy.

Read about our Marketing Vision Focuser strategy program.

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