Finding, facing, and overcoming obstacles in marketing is pretty commonplace for those of us who are directly tasked with marketing. We wire ourselves into the complex process of marketing every single day. But what about you? What about now, in such an uncertain and volatile time? Here are a few hurdles you may face this year and some questions you can ask yourself to overcome them.

Engaging with at-home customers

The restrictions currently placed on businesses and consumers will continue well into 2021. That means that the at-home lifestyle isn’t going away anytime soon. Leaving your business on autopilot isn’t going to work. Waiting it out isn’t going to work. The at-home lifestyle is now something your business needs to use to develop a strategy and direct change. Look for new opportunities to serve your clients and customers where they are.

Ask yourself:

Are my customers buying differently?

How has this affected the way they interact with my business?

How can I help them at home better?

Can they find me easily online?

What are my competitors doing differently?

What are my competitors not doing that I can do?

The answers to these questions can help you adapt to the current environment and thrive.

Navigating Social Media

Social media can be of the most powerful advertising platforms if used correctly. It’s everywhere! 3.5 billion people use social platforms every day. A common misconception is that social media is also one of the easiest marketing channels to use.

When using social media to advertise, it’s still critical to have a solid strategy and a dedicated social media manager who knows what they are doing. This experienced person will consider many factors before deciding on a platform and content. If you don’t have this dedicated person or an agency, it’s time to school up!

Who’s your audience?

How do they use social media?

What platforms are they using most?

What specific content are they interacting with?

Who are they interacting with?

Different types of users use different platforms differently. A seasoned manager at a car dealership utilizes social media in contrast to a trendsetter looking for boutiques. You’d need to target each of these people differently.

Looking at your social platforms critically and adjusting can help you boost engagement and your bottom line.

Creating Engaging Content

Content is a critical piece in every marketer’s toolbox, especially now. Current customers and prospects are always on the hunt for new content that informs them and points them toward a solution. The catch is that customers don’t want to be bored.

Some content is more popular, and you need to be sure you’re taking advantage.

Is your content interactive?

Does it give your audience a chance to express their opinion?

Are you using short videos? Podcasts and live streams?

Are you using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn stories?

Is your content creative?

Are you sharing your experience and knowledge?

Creating engaging content consistently is unarguably one of the most effective ways to interact with your customers and build credibility for your company.

Becoming Mobile First

Nearly every audience, shopper, client, and prospect is browsing from a mobile device to find what they want or need. In the past, becoming mobile-friendly was encouraged, but now we live in a mobile-first world. If you wish to capture your piece of the mobile market pie, optimize your website for users browsing from their smartphones and tablets.

Have you tested all features of your site on multiple devices?

Is the checkout process simple?

Can payments be made using a mobile device?

Are you using large images and videos that slow down mobile devices?

Is information attractive and legible on all devices?

Do you need to clean up and simplify?

This blog doesn’t cover all the marketing obstacles your business will face in the coming year, but the questions above will help you better understand where your company needs to adjust and how you can better serve your clients or customers. If the previous year taught us anything, it’s that we need to adapt our businesses to the changing world around us. Now get to asking!

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