Brand development is high on our list of favorite undertakings. There is just nothing quite like taking a whole lot of abstract ideas and mushing them together to create a tangible end product that tells an entire story all by itself.

Indian Creek Outfitters asked for a brand that reflects their upscale outfitting services and experience focused mentality. Their number one request was that it display a professional look and feel while clearly portraying what they do.

Indian Creek Outfitters is located on a beautiful rocky stretch of Indian Creek in Goodman, Missouri, and, while their main attraction is white tail deer hunting, they also offer turkey and waterfowl hunts and fishing. Naturally, we felt it was important to represent each of these aspects in their final brand.

The Process:

The process for this brand turned out to be a bit different than our usual brand development process (read about one of those here). Typically, round one involves each of our designers creating multiple brand options that we evaluate as a team in order to narrow them down to the strongest few that will be presented to the client. In this case, however, we already had a fairly pinpointed idea of what we wanted the end result to be, so instead of tasking each designer to produce the ideas separately, we discussed our options for achieving them and handed the creation portion off to a single designer.

We also skipped the initial sketching process for this brand, although we did test the waters on a few ideas, like incorporating a deer hoof print and an arrowhead, that ultimately failed (sometimes ideas look better in your head than they do in reality). We ended up with two, very similar yet slightly different, options that we felt perfectly depicted Indian Creek Outfitters.

Indian Creek Outfitters chose the first option because of the cleaner lines.

Here is the final brand guide including brand colors, fonts and logo variations!

Following the creation of their brand, we’ve had the pleasure of creating a website for Indian Creek Outfitters, as well as outdoor signage, business cards and other print materials, and we’ve helped them get their social media (facebook and instagram) up and running.

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