One continual challenge that an agency faces is being able to execute the vision of a client who already has a good idea of what they want, exactly the way they imagine it, and then take it to the next level.

When the owner of a soon-to-be-opening local craft coffee shop contacted us about his brand design, he had a vision, but needed our help pulling it all together. Challenge accepted!

After a quick meeting to talk about his vision and the details, our four designers faced off in a head-to-head logo makin’ duel to the death! No one died, (whew!), but there was a clear winner. And thus, the Crazy Llama Coffee brand was born.

Here is a look at how this fun brand came to be, from conception, to a real live llama logo:

In our initial discussion, the client gave us a few specific requirements for the brand: It had to include red, he wanted it dudely (not girly), and it had to contain the word “coffee”. He also provided a few sample images from a quick Google search, with elements that he liked.

Armed with the client’s notes, our team of designers started brainstorming. (We are still laughing at these, so it’s cool if you laugh, too!)

In just a few days, our head-to-head logo makin’ duel to the death had resulted in a diverse range of logo options for the client to choose from.

The client had a clear favorite and with just a few minor adjustments, Crazy Llama Coffee now officially has a brand. Here is what they had to say:

“We contacted Storm Cloud based on their previous branding work with other clients. The overall process couldn’t have been easier. The initial designs presented were overwhelming, but one just hit it out of the park. We foresee numerous marketing opportunities for Crazy Llama Coffee with this logo. This logo will definitely distinguish our brand from the competition and make us well known throughout the area. We’ve already had numerous requests for T-shirts and mugs with the logo.”

Whelp, we killed it!

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