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Know what to do but need help getting started?

If you’re not sure what to do, don’t start planning tasks. Figure out the plan first. In our marketing strategy course, the Marketing Vision Focuser, we take business owners and managers through a journey that helps them develop and deploy marketing strategies. An integral part of that journey is looking at how you can easily put plans for change into action.

This info is an excerpt from that program.

Get a task management tool.

You know what you need to do. A task management tool will help you begin to break those thoughts down into granular steps. You’ll discover dependencies (can’t do this until that’s done), and a picture of the process that needs to happen will unfold.

Setup & Usage Tips

  • Load up ALL of your tasks – everything you can think of, each as a separate task.

  • Create dependencies (this can’t be done until that’s done).

  • Set deadlines on tasks that need to be done first, and be realistic.

  • Schedule calendar time for tasks. Be intentional.

  • Start using your tool for all tasks, not just for this one thing. Get into the habit of knocking out tasks.

  • Make your “my tasks” page a browser startup tab or home screen shortcut.

  • Download the app!

  • Create an app widget. Many phones will allow you to show tasks on the home screen (vs just an icon).

  • Track your time if you can. It will come in handy and keep you accountable.

  • Make task notes. Explain what you’re doing. You’ll likely need to go back and read your notes the next time you work on this.


The Marketing Vision Focuser is a program that takes you through the steps required to hone your marketing plan, or create one if needed.  This program requires work and time, but we’ve built the plan and path for you. It shows you how to see what customers are seeing, even before they ever know that they need a solution.

We show you how to start transitioning to a system that’s built around the customer, how to gain control, and how to see what’s happening along the way. This empowers you to grow your business, in every way it needs to grow.

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If you’re not sure what to do, don’t start planning tasks. Figure out the plan first.

Our marketing strategy program teaches you how to do this and more.

Learn more about the program that this was excerpted from - the Marketing Vision Focuser.