Starting from scratch.

Where do you start?

Where do you start without a starting point? Do you just start planning for what you think it should be? Is it purely dreaming at this point? How can a new business build a marketing strategy that can continually optimize without something to improve upon?

For new businesses, instead of skipping these audit steps, we find that it’s most effective to default to the customer.

Focus on your customer.

You must see through the eyes of the people you wish to help and understand what their journey looks like without you. Audit their current experience. Document the steps they go through. Examine the pains of the process.

Use their current experience as your benchmark.


This approach not only gives you a starting point for strategic planning, it helps start your process on the right foot – focused on the customer – and ensures that your focus is on offering a better experience.

Our marketing strategy program teaches you how to do this and more.

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