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Website copy is the awesome, engaging, and clearly written text found on pages of your website. Properly developed website copy sets up your website for success. These words represent your business and convey your website's purpose to your potential client. Good website copy engages your potential client to stay onsite longer and perform the desired action for conversion. These words should hook your potential client to want to purchase, subscribe, call your business, etc.

But these words should also be written to target the specific audience for your business. Different businesses target different audiences which change how copy is written. Website copy written to your business will accommodate your specific audience addressing their needs, concerns, and desires. If website copy is not written to address your specific audience, it is likely your website will miss the mark in capturing this potential client.

Our website copy package includes professionally written website pages optimized for search engine optimization with keyword research.

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Website Copywriting Packages

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Starting at $750

  • Professionally written website copy for your website pages.

  • Tone and keyword specific for your audience.

  • Custom quotes offered based on size of website and needed copy.

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