Messaging Development

Messaging Development Example

Here is an example of the Message Development process in action: Download PDF

Available Packages

Message Maker

You will receive our custom-made Message Maker form that will prompt you to get to the root of your messaging. We'll then synthesize those answers into a cohesive "story" that will help guide copy for all marketing assets. We will also apply a proven web page formula to output the text copy for a landing page.

Package Details


  • Answer questions that help you formulate a story.

  • Question example - "What are the external problems the character is facing that make it difficult to achieve their goal?"

  • Submit your answers to the Storm team when you complete all questions.

  • Receive full marketing messaging narrative PDF to utilize in all marketing content.

  • This process creates a story flow that will help take your users on a journey to get them the help that they need.

  • This also generates all of the needed verbiage for a website landing page.

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