Guide to ZOHO

Project Communication — Forums

What are forums?

Forums are online meeting places for discussions. Any group project involves discussions, and unlike emails, all forum topics are available in a central location. Through forums, exchanging information with the team is crucial to quick turnaround and project completion.

Storm Cloud will email an invite to join a forum.

  1. Email will read “Dustin Storm invited you to join a forum” Click open the email. *Note that this invitation could read any team members name that invites you.

  2. Click the “Join the Conversation” button.

  3. Create an account for Zoho Projects.

  4. You should be taken to the Zoho Projects Portal. On the left hand side there is a task bar. Click Forums.

  5. Inside this portal you can view all Forums already created, and have the option to create new ones.

  6. Post questions, thoughts or ideas inside of Forums for great open communication with our team.

  7. Notifications on Forums will show up directly in your email inbox.

Projects Overview

As a client user in Projects you will be able to communicate with the team. There are also other tabs for you to explore.

  • Forums – Like previously mentioned you can view Forums, and discuss projects there.

  • Feed – This has a similar feel of Facebook. You can make posts and people can comment back to you. BUT, this also shows all activity made on your project, sort of like a history section.

  • Calendars – View when the team has tasks due.

  • Documents – We can share files with you here, and you can share with us too! This includes documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

  • Issues – Big problem? Submit an issue to go directly to the team about a project. We will get these resolved with top priority.

Feel free to reach out to with any questions on making the switch to Zoho.

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