Morrison, Webster & Carlton

Case Study

The Challenge

Our client Morrison, Webster & Carlton reached out to us in need of a new marketing agency partner. They were not seeing growth with their current marketing and needed our recommendation to get back on track.

Morrison, Webster & Carlton shared that their Joplin office was taking on clients, but their Springfield office wasn't getting a lot of leads. Their marketing was lacking humanization and didn't portray their expertise in the area of workers' compensation law.

  1. Needed to add humanization and showcase expertise of services

  2. Wanted to bring in more clientele, specifically at their Springfield location

  3. Wanted to separate themselves from other law offices

  4. Website is difficult to navigate as a user without any direct flow for leads

  5. Logo is outdated

The Solution

Our team created a holistic strategy for Morrison, Webster & Carlton to implement. Our team first started with new creative assets. We shot new video content at the Morrison, Webster & Carlton office, as well as candid video outside of their office. Our team utilized this footage to create 30-second video spots to utilize in digital advertising campaigns and on social media. The team also used client-provided headshots and brand guides to create new digital media and print designs.

Prior to launching digital ad campaigns with this new creative content, our team audited the current flow of their website. During this audit, our team created a recommendation to implement an updated contact form. This allowed us to funnel digital advertising traffic to this form and qualify potential leads.

  • Create video content that involves humanization to run in ads, on social media, and in digital ads

  • Create a digital campaign that was comprehensive of digital ads and SEO

  • Start posting consistently on social media platforms with branded content

  • Refresh branding to be modern and usable for all digital media and print designs

  • Add contact form to website for ease of new clients and existing clients

Before & After

MWC Before Billboard
MWC Before Billboard

The Results

After working with Storm Cloud Morrison, Webster & Carlton saw growth in both leads and signed clients.

Bounce rate decreased by 42%



Average Bounce Rate


Average Bounce Rate

Total lead intakes increased by 121% for both locations



New Leads


New Leads

Signed clients in springfield increased by 148%



Signed clients


Signed clients

sign rate in springfield



85 intake vs. 29 signed


84 intake vs. 43 signed
Digital Campaign Crusher
In August 2020 there were 64 conversions including form submissions and phone calls driven by digital ads.

"Emily has been great at keeping me in the loop as we went several directions at once. Keeping me on task is a challenge some days but Jessi and Emily made it easy for me. We started with Video Production and believe that the videos are the best in almost 30 years of doing commercials. They are quick to send updates or changes on everything from redesigning our phone book ads to a single page ad for the local newspaper."

"I used to do our social media and turning that over the Storm Cloud as well has been a blessing. The articles are consistent with our message and they keep me informed on the schedule planned for the posting. Anything I have asked for them to do, no matter how small, has been done quickly and professionally. When we were first looking for a company to work within Joplin, Storm Cloud was highly recommended to me by a close friend who used to work in Media Sales. Her recommendation was spot-on for what we needed."

John West

Morrison, Webster & Carlton

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