Breaking the silo around marketing.

The problem?


It’s common. Departments clique up, team up, focus on their areas, and travel through the business-puberty of growth and isolation. Departments begin to loathe working together or having to communicate with each other, which seems like trying to translate a second language.

As they silo themselves, they silo the information they hold.

How should it be?

Any department that touches a customer is part of that experience. Any department that sends the customer an email, answers the phone, is visible to the customer at any point, chats with them, builds for them, sets out a napkin for them, touches them AT ALL— has an opportunity to shape that journey.

The departments who actually touch the customer journey should be part of marketing.


When you open up the dialog between departments, everyone learns more than they know right now. Questions, that never would’ve come up otherwise, are asked. Answers, that departments never had access to before, are found. Everyone learns. Everyone gets a chance to improve. Perhaps most of all, marketing. That knowledge is invaluable.

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