Have you witnessed greatness?  Have you listened to a song that gave you goosebumps?  Have you watched in awe as an athlete on a streak who performs at inhuman levels?  Have you ever walked away from a situation and just thought “nailed it”?  We’ve all experienced these moments, and in every instance, we’ve witnessed greatness.  Time seems to stand still around them.  You can feel their passion.  It radiates from them in a truly magical moment.

In those moments, they’ve achieved their destiny – even if only for a moment.  They unlock potential, and it’s awesome.  We can FEEL that something really special is happening, and so can they.  Everyone present can feel that they are doing what they were born to do.

You were born for this.

“This” is your business.  It’s why you started doing what you do.  It’s the vision of success that keeps you going.  It’s the version of you that you were, that you are, and the version of you that you know you want to be.  

What would your moment of greatness look like?

What experience would leave you – and everyone you come into contact with – the awe-striking undeniable truth that you were born for this?

How can they feel this?

That’s the journey.

Sure, it’s numbers, and it’s planning, and it’s a thousand layers of processes, methods and tools, but those are just the necessary parts in the machine – the machine that you build to create those moments and share them with the people you started this journey to help in the first place.  You’re not just providing them with a solution – you’re giving them an unforgettable experience that they can walk away from and feel that they’ve just been a part of something special.  They’ve witnessed greatness.

This is the truth – the essence – behind everything we do moving forward.  

We’ll go where we need to go, explore the areas we need to explore, speak the languages we need to speak, but this truth must never be forgotten.  Never compromised.

Without this, we can still survive.  We can sell.  We can compete.  We can maximize efficiencies.  We can convert.

When we make all of this an experience – a journey – everyone shares in the story – your greatness.

You are the songwriter.  You are the athlete.

Find your truth, then go spark something.

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