You’re trying to drive clients to your website. You have a well-designed web layout, an eye-pleasing logo at the top of the screen, but then: a wall of text, the font small and hard to read. Even if the words are well written and give a succinct, accurate description of your business, in today’s world, not everyone will read. Not everyone will want to read.

Attention spans are shorter than ever in 2019. Our increasingly powerful cellular devices condition us to consume content in short, two-minute spurts. Modern advertising is about efficiency and the ability to grab a customer’s attention quickly and keep it just long enough to make an impression. There’s always another email to send, another text to your coworker, one more phone call to make. Give your client a reason to stay on your site.

A well-produced video can accomplish this.

Video can give an impression of grandeur. Think of your favorite moments from your favorite movies, their ability to make you feel happy or sad or angry. A video can emotionally coerce your audience into relating to your products or services. While reading paragraphs of information requires visual attention, with video, you’re adding an extra sense into the mix: sound. Dramatic music and spoken audio can hold a client’s attention even longer.

Video is vital to modern marketing for these very reasons and more. You can briefly introduce your business in a more personable, easygoing way: associating a friendly face to what so far has only been a logo and web link. Most importantly, you can tell a story to your clients, inducing an emotional hook that makes them want to use your services.

A good video usually must present some type of story, however short, however simple. Most 15-second television advertisements tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. It can be as simple as a group of friends eating food, paying the cashier, and leaving the restaurant with smiles on their faces. An online video can be even more effective without TV’s strict time constraints – as long as it’s not too long and not too boring.

Sensitive storytelling is perhaps the most important aspect of good video advertising, but technical mastery is also key. The technical proficiency of an online video is just as important the rest of the production. Keep things moving quickly. Show your potential clients how your business works, whatever that entails. Present scenes of your employees having fun and enjoying their jobs. Find a dynamic visual that you can keep coming back to.

For that story to mean something and keep your client from clicking away, it needs to induce emotion. With enough creativity, virtually any action can be turned into a narrative. If your company’s service changed a customer’s life in a positive way, don’t be afraid to ask them to talk about the experience on camera. Demonstrate what your services do, why they’re necessary, and the kind of impact they have on the people who use them.

So what kind of video can drive people to your website or make them want to visit your place of business? It’s different for every client. Our Storm Cloud Marketing team uses professional writers, videographers, and editors to create the most dynamic content locally. We can help you create a gorgeous, high-definition video that represents your organization in the best way. Your clients won’t be clicking away.

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