If you know anything at all about Storm Cloud Marketing, then you know that each and every one of our Storm Troopers possess their own amazing and unique personalities and specialized talents (superpowers, if you will), and those superpowers are what make us such a super team.

Do you think you have what it takes to fit in with this super squad? Take this quiz to find out which Superhero Storm Trooper you most resemble.

  1. If you were stranded alone on a desert island, which 3 items would you want to have with you?
    a. A knife, water and fire starter
    b. Necessities like a water, a hair tie and a Wilson Volleyball
    c. A boat with a motor and some gasoline—duh
  2. What is the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning after turning off your alarm?
    a. Check my phone
    b. Pee
    c. Tend to the kids, or the dogs, or whatever critters I am in charge of
  3. What is one food you absolutely positively cannot live without?
    a. Sugar. Every must-have food contains sugar.
    b. Cheese. Every must-have food contains cheese.
    c. Pizza. It contains every food group so it covers everything else (even vegetables).
  4. What do you feel is your best personality trait?
    a. My personability
    b. My humor
    c. My empathy
  5. Would you rather fight a two-headed dragon beast with your bare hands or give a presentation to representatives from 1000 of the world’s largest companies?
    a. I’d nail that presentation.
    b. I’m a lover, not a fighter. Give me a strong drink, or two, and a microphone... I guess.
    c. Bring on that dragon beast, baby!
  6. What is your go-to fast food restaurant?
    a. Tropical Smoothie
    b. Gringos or Taco Bell
    c. Chick-Fil-A
  7. Other than art, music or PE, what was your favorite subject in school?
    a. Business, Science or Technology
    b. Math or History
    c. Language Arts or Writing
  8. Do you prefer broccoli or brussels sprouts?
    a. Brussels Sprouts
    b. Both smell gross and both taste gross.
    c. Broccoli
  9. Are you always early, always late, or right on time?
    a. Early (unless I’m late, in which case it’s not my fault)
    b. 1/2 early and 1/2 late averages right on time, right?
    c. Late... Sorry
  10. If you could choose one chore to have someone else do for you for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    a. Laundry
    b. Dishes
    c. It involves poop...
  11. Would you rather walk 10,000 miles in comfy shoes and beautiful sunny weather or drive 10,000 miles in the vehicle of your choice and torrential downpour?
    a. Walk in the sunny shine
    b. Drive, I’m lazy
    c. Die
  12. How do you like your eggs?
    a. Runny
    b. Scrambled
    c. Somewhere in the middle of done and not done
  13. The human body is 60% fluid, what fluid are you 60% made of?
    a. Caffeinated beverage
    b. Carbonated beverage
    c. Water
  14. If you could have one supernatural superpower, what would it be?
    a. A mind power like telepathy, psychometry or telekinesis
    b. Control over time, to stop it or travel trough it
    c. Something physical like strength, flight, or invisibility
  15. When you go grocery shopping and after you’ve loaded your groceries into your vehicle, what becomes of the shopping cart?
    a. It goes in the cart return or back inside, and anyone who says otherwise might be a monster
    b. I put it back, unless it’s raining, snowing, or super hot, or I’m in a hurry or.....
    c. I might be a monster

Now, lets figure your score! Every “A” answer is worth 3 points, every “B” is worth 2, and every “C” is worth 1 point.

Tally your score to find your Storm team twin!

38-40 points:  You’re most like our Chief of Stuff and Red Ranger, Dustin Storm. He is a fearless leader who is always ready to lead his team into battle, no matter how perilous. He is a cloud of fire and energy and inappropriate jokes hurling through space and time in a caffeine-fueled rocket ship. He never stops. He never sleeps. He plays the trumpet.

35-37 points: You are most like Davida Turley, our Teal Ranger and Digital Mastermind. She is a happy-go-lucky social butterfly who is strong as hell. She sings opera at the top of her lungs, especially in the bathroom, and doesn’t know the meaning of quiet time. She’s a creative with an analytical mind and loves math which makes her a serious force to be reconned with. And don’t mind her, she’s just eating pizza....

32-34 points: You are twinning with Tony Hulfeld, Green Ranger and Experience Coordinator extraordinaire! Tony is probably the nicest one of us all. No, he IS definitely the nicest. That’s why we put him in charge of coordinating experiences. Although, if Tony had his way, he’d be coordinating experiences from the beach while soaking up the sun instead of from our bat cave. Tony makes us laugh. Tony makes us dance. And Tony makes us breakfast casserole.

29-31 points: You are most similar to Shane Ross, aka the Black Ranger, aka Motion Graphics Wizard. Shane is actually a man of many many talents. He makes magic happen on screen with motion graphics and special effects, he creates beautiful and functional websites, he writes amazing and informative blogs (check them out here) and he also makes music. Shane is a creator of things the rest of us can only dream of creating. Shane is amazing. Shane is... Merlin.

26-28 points: You’re most like Momma Storm, Purple Ranger, Candace Storm. Candace takes care of us all. She kisses our booboos (metaphorically), brings us yummy treats (even though she can’t taste any of them) and keeps us from killing each other (literally). She’s actually the real reason we’re so super. Candace is also the only brilliant mind who would think to change the rules (just like Captain Kirk) and choose to have a boat on a deserted island—simply brilliant. However, she also plays fair, so her official answer was a very practical hair tie and Wilson Volleyball (to stop the insanity in it’s tracks)—also brilliant. She’s brilliant.

23-25 points: You are most similar to Pink Ranger, picture taker, and pretty thing maker, Jessi Whitehead. Jessi is old school—she uses real paper and lives in (basically) a bunker so we voted her “most likely to survive the apocalypse.” But don’t go looking for her when it happens, because she will already be long gone. Jessi thinks in shapes and colors and can manage even the most unruly of calendars and coordinate projects like a boss. She’s also pretty stinkin’ smart—she did, after all, dream up and write this entire awesome quiz.

If you scored more than 40, or less than 23 points, unfortunately, you’re not really like any of us. Maybe there is no place for you on this super team, or maybe you’re just what we never knew we needed. The world may never know. What the world does know though (or should know), is that when trouble is near and marketing efforts look bleak, the super duper Storm Team Troopers are always ready to come to the rescue!

*Bonus Note: Every single one of us are also decent human beings who return our shopping carts to their designated areas. We are not monsters. We fight monsters—marketing monsters.

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