How many connections do you get with a customer?  It’s more than you realize, and every single one of them matters.

How did they find you?  What steps did they take?  When and how did they begin to connect with you?

Once they found you, what did they find?  What did you show them?  What path did you help them toward and through?

What happened at the end?  How did you say ‘thank you’?  Can they help you?  Can you help them again?

When you map out your entire customer experience, you’ll likely find that there are a lot more steps than you realized.  There’s a lot of “stuff” that happens to get that person, from a sea of people “out there”, to become your customer.  Have you ever really thought about that?  Every single little thing that had to go right to connect you?

What about the ones that didn’t go right?  How many were there?  Can you ever really know?  Probably not, but what you CAN do is prevent them from happening.  How the heck do you do that?  Control.

When you start defining these steps (instead of letting them exist in whatever ghostly form the world has thrown together as a default), you gain control.  You gain the ability to experiment and improve.  You gain the ability to connect multiple steps, combine them in different sequences and harness the power of each step to build a grid.

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