We are having a little fun here at Storm Cloud for Halloween! Oh, who are we kidding? We have fun every day! Y’all out there might be too old for trick or treating but we feel no one is ever too old to show some Halloween spirit. In light of some holiday fun, we thought we would do a breakdown of the perfect Halloween costume for every team member!

Director of Digital- Jon

Our first contestant is, Jmac. Also known as Jmacca, Jon, Eric, Cliff, and countless other names. This gentle giant has a massive heart and an unshakable sense of loyalty. No matter what, he always has his team’s back! He is also the best co-pilot anyone could ask for and has no trouble telling it like it is. He takes considerable pride in light-heartedly giving his teammates a hard time and his laughter can be heard from miles away. This Wookie with a glorious mane is definitely a worthy wingman! While he may be known by many different names there is only one costume that perfectly sums up our Director of Digital himself…Chewbacca!

Experience Manager – Emily

Next, we have the youngest of the bunch, Miss Emily. Her costume is undoubtedly perfect. It is the epitome of her bubbly personality and unwavering devotion. When startled, she’ll let out a sharp, Minion matching squeal. We can’t figure out if it is her cheerleader mentality or her spunky dance moves that really make this the perfect match. She is in her entirety all things Minion! Seriously, we bought her Minion goggles, and are awaiting her blue overall purchase as we speak.

team halloween ideas

minion halloween

Digital Specialist – Davida

Davida is fierce and feisty. Sometimes, when her hair is up, if you look at her quickly your mind is tricked into thinking you were just looking at a Viking. Hair up or down—she’s an independent woman, who has no problem challenging the status quo. No really, with a house full of boys being the only female can be hard. It may be what gives her the thick skin she needs to go into digital battle. She is a perfect mixture of sweet and funny. We all agreed Princess Merida from the movie Brave was the perfect mixture of feminine and tough to accurately portray our Davida. All she is missing is some wildfire red hair and a horse.

Creative Director – Jessi

The toughest person on the team. She is all business and keeps everyone in line. She yells at her computer frequently and when she is feeling extra feisty she might even shoot you with her nerf gun! Her laugh is contagious and she pulls off the color palette of the earth. Did we mention she is a lover of all things floral print and is wise beyond her years?

All things considered there was really no other option than Pocahontas. Her pure love of the outdoors and nature keeps her grounded. She did have a pet raccoon for a bit and literally paints with all the colors in the wind when editing her magical photos for clients.

Graphics Wizard/Web Designer – Shane

Being the nerd of the group, Shane’s costume had to reflect his ongoing thirst for knowledge and his knack for drop-kicking problems like the Foot Soldiers who have taken the last slice of pie. Being a bit of an introvert, he is able to throw on some headphones and crawl into his shell for some totally tubular focus action. The purple, pepperoni pizza-eating Donatello is the perfect costume for our resident code junkie. Cowabunga, dude!

Media Guru – Megan

The newest member of the team sweetly resembles Venellope from Wreck-It Ralph. Megan is full of determination, strives for adventure, and is not afraid to explore off the beaten path. She has a wonderful sense of humor! While still learning the ropes, she has so much potential to thrive in this crazy race of the marketing world. Because of her extreme energy and great friendship, Venellope is the best costume for Megan.

Co-Owner- Dustin

Now for the main man himself. When choosing a costume for the boss, we knew he had to have many options and versions to choose from. It had to reflect his passion and leadership. It needed to showcase that he is smart and savvy yet not afraid to let loose and see the humor and irony in any given situation. It also needed to represent his love for gadgets, his uncanny sense of strategy, and willingness to sacrifice his own needs for the benefit of his team. From that rusty old suit that started it all down to the enhanced nano-structure of the Mark LXXXV armor of today, Iron Man is the perfect costume for our resident genius arms collector. Plus we hear he has a lethal aim to top it all off.

Co-Owner – Candace

You can’t have Iron man without the woman who keeps him in check. She is classy and beautiful, intelligent but also knows how to keep up with the humor and sarcasm. She is the one actually running the show behind the scenes and is sure to keep Iron Man’s helmet on straight. Without further ado, we bring in Candace Storm herself with the most accurate costume of all time – Pepper Potts! Oh, did we forget to mention when the time calls for it she becomes an ironwoman herself to get the job done? Major boss lady!

Now you know a little bit more about our team and we hope you had fun in the process! Stay spooky friends.

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