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Storm Cloud heard the concerns of our business owners of wanting to be more involved in every step of their marketing campaigns. We created a marketing strategy program called Marketing Vision Focuser (MVF). The MVF program is a self-guided program for helping you drive the why of all the marketing that you do. The process teaches you how to think like a marketing strategist and shows you how to use the process.

Why start with marketing strategy, you ask? Strategy is the foundation of everything we do at Storm Cloud Marketing. You can have a sexy website or video, but if it’s not part of a functional plan – if there’s no goal – if there’s no way to measure success – there’s no POINT.

This unique program was created to take your company from no marketing strategy, or no cohesive strategy to an active marketing strategy, ultimately tying everything together. Getting your business to a better place, where you have a marketing strategy set in motion and are able to optimize on it, is crucial to your success. The program is set up in three phases: define, develop, and deploy. In the program, you are provided with weekly workbooks and videos created by Dustin Storm, owner of Storm Cloud Marketing.

The MVF is filled with 9 weeks of lessons and follow-along information. MVF takes a deep dive into what’s actually happening with your current marketing. You’ll look at your current process and find the holes or ways to better improve your overall business. After all, if there is something sending your customers away from your business, that’s a gigantic problem! After taking note of the current processes and the holes or problems, you’ll then launch a new plan into action that can optimize changes. Storm teaches you how to navigate change in your marketing campaign. They teach you proper ways to monitor your data and suggest awesome tools to expand your knowledge. You’ll then move into optimization, where you’ll learn how to use data as a rudder for decisions. Optimization is a never-ending process that will allow you to keep improving.

What makes this strategy program so special?

Storm Cloud not only gives you the proper material for the program, but they create a community with other business owners like yourself going through the same program. Members of the MVF program can converse, toss ideas off one another, and help each other grow. The Storm Cloud team of experienced individuals jumps in at specific checkpoints to review your plan and is there for support through every step. Weekly support calls are the perfect opportunity for you to talk through any area you may feel “stuck” on. The Storm team, and other people going through the MVF, will help brainstorm a way to get you unstuck.

Why did a marketing company create such an amazing strategy program to help you do your marketing on your own?

The answer is simple, you are the best advocate for your own business, and if we train you on how to properly market your business, that’s a recipe for success for everyone involved. We spend a great deal of time trying to pull information from clients to create a strategy, but we’ll never know their business as well as they do. Every business – even those working with an agency – could benefit from this. Having more insight into the current and ideal marketing process for your business allows your partner agency to focus on executing the necessary changes to get you closer to that ideal process.

MVF helps you turn your business goals into marketing goals, create strategies to achieve your goals, and figure out what to do once you complete them. This is an opportunity for businesses out there, far and wide, to improve their business through a more effective marketing strategy. You know your business. Now, get to know your marketing.

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