I imagine every business owner and manager laying awake at night thinking “I have to find a way to make it EASIER to do BETTER.”

Let’s break this down a little.


When keeping up with the daily grind consumes the majority of our time and attention, we don’t have the capacity to take on more complexity. Whatever we’re going to accomplish, in excess of what we’re doing now, has to be made brilliantly simple, OR what we’re doing now needs to be simplified in order to free up hard drive space in our minds and on our calendars.

Knowing (or thinking) that the enhancements we want to make will be a Hobbit-like journey prevent us from ever taking the first step. We have to know that it’s going to be doable.


We all want to do better, but we sometimes need a gut-check to realign what that means. As providers of some kind of product or service, we’re providing some kind of solution to some kind of problem for some kind of person. Doing better as a business requires that we do better for that person for who we are solving a problem.

We have to provide him or her with a better solution, a better experience, and the better job we do, the more growth we’ll have the opportunity to unlock.

“I have to find a way to do better for my customer without dropping the ball.” I think that’s what business owners and managers are really thinking as they stare at the ceiling at 4 a.m.


When we look at doing a better job for our customers, we have to look at marketing, because marketing IS the series of touches a customer (or potential customer) has with us, from beginning to end.

Marketing also happens to be the one area that most business owners and managers have difficulty wrapping their brains around. Understandable. When you’re speaking the language of your internal business all the live-long day, speaking marketing feels like having to flip to a completely different language.

What if it didn’t feel like that?

What if we could see the entire experience a customer goes through, including what happens before they even know they need what we have?

What if, instead of doing things the way they work best for us, we started doing things the way they work best for our customers?

What if we learned to speak the language of the customer and starting using that internally instead of feeling disconnected?

What if the marketing wasn’t a second language?


The Marketing Vision Focuser program takes you through a journey of self-discovery.

It shows you how to see what customers are seeing, even before they ever know that they need a solution.

It shows you how to start transitioning to a system that’s built around the customer, how to gain control, and how to see what’s happening along the way.

It does require work. It does require time, BUT, we’ve built a plan and a path for you to follow. All you need to do is start allocating a little bit of time every week to going through the program and working on the assignments.

Our team jumps in at checkpoints to help redirect you if needed, and support is always available to help keep you from getting (or staying) stuck.

It’s not for everybody, but if you’re ready to make it easier to do better, it’s worth a conversation.

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