The quick answer here is yes.

With 2022 on the horizon, our lives continue to take baby-steps back to normalcy. One of those steps is something that many of us were not sure we'd ever see again had you asked us a year ago – event marketing, aka tradeshows.

For many businesses, tradeshows have always been a major source of awareness, leads, and sales, until 2020 stopped in-person business in its tracks. Now, almost two years later, even with social distancing and our ability to host virtual events, tradeshows are starting to pop back up.

People are craving face-to-face interaction and after months of staying home, working remotely, and avoiding crowds altogether, they are more than ready to be released back out into the wild to roam the rows of tradeshow booths.

With that being said, NOW is the perfect time to update your tradeshow booth design. What better way to make your reentry than with a booth that knocks the attendees’ socks off?

Now comes the hard part – what do you actually need, and how do make it match your business? Tradeshow booths literally come in a million different combinations of shapes, sizes, pieces, and colors.

Start With the Basics

One thing almost every tradeshow booth has is a table, so almost every tradeshow booth needs a table cover. Table covers usually come in 6 ft. or 8 ft. (just like tables). You can also find hybrid and adjustable options that fit both. But you'll find more options that just that.

Table covers can be regular flat table cloths, fitted covers that slide over the table like a BBQ grill cover, flex covers that stretch tight around the legs of the table, and table runners. Table covers come with open backs, so you can put chairs there, or closed backs for 360-degree viewing.

How do you decide? If you don't have a table that you’ll be using every time, choose a standard throw table cloth or an adjustable table cover. This will allow it to fit on any table you end up using, even if it's a bit short or long on the ends.

If you do have a table, you can choose a fitted or flex table cover. These are also great options if you'll be set up outdoors, as they will stay put in heavy winds.

Table cover designs should be attractive and colorful, but not too busy. As a general rule, you want your company name and logo to be placed on the front facing surface so it can be seen by passersby. Supporting designs can go on the flat top surface, but remember that you'll usually have items placed on the table, so anything that is on the top will likely be covered up.

Separate Yourself

Depending on the amount of floor space your booth will have, where it’s located within the room, and floor layout, you will likely need something to separate your booth from those around you – like a backdrop or back wall kit. These come in many different shapes and sizes and can be quite large, so this is the time to consider the different ways in which you might use this piece.

If you will only be using it at tradeshows where you have 8 feet of space or more, you might consider single-piece wall displays. These usually consist of a pop-up frame and a full-color printed fabric graphic that wraps around the frame. They’re light weight and easy to transport, setup, and break down. They typically come in 8 or 10 foot sections and can be used as a stand-alone wall or pieced together to create longer wall sections or corners.

If you won’t always have as much space, you might consider a multi-panel display. Just as it sounds, this type of display comes in multiple pieces and is therefore more flexible when it comes to space. The panels can be used together end-to-end or arranged individually to fit nearly any space. They also consist of a pop-up style light weight frame and full-color printed fabric graphic, but without the wrap-around feature on the end caps.

Background displays are where you can really make your business shine. With such a large surface area to work with, bold and colorful imagery can draw attention from across the room. If you're using multiple panels, you can consider a single design that flows across all panels, but can also work on each panel if it stands alone.

Wait – There's More

As you may have suspected, there are many, many more options to add to your booth.

Retractable banner stands are a great option for large format poster-style signs that can stand alone. They hold a vertically oriented banner that retracts into its stand for easy and compact transport. When in use, they simply lock in place with a telescoping pole and can be placed anywhere in your space without need of additional support. These stands are reusable for years, as the artwork can be easily replaced.

Counters and podiums are common items in many tradeshow booths. Many backdrop displays come with a counter display that doubles as a hard case for both. The counter is a hollow hard

case with a handle and two wheels. The backdrop display frame and art fit neatly inside, along with a cover for the case itself. Once the backdrop is assembled, the case stands upright and the cover slips over it, converting it into a functional piece of your booth.

Product racks and shelves are also something to consider for your next tradeshow. While you can probably use any set of shelves that fit into your space, there are shelving sets made specifically to go with the rest of your display. They are light weight and transportable with easy assembly and breakdown, yet are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

Don't Get Overwhelmed

Tradeshow booth displays can be as simple as a 4 foot table and a backdrop or as complex as a massive exhibit kit that includes circular overhead banners, computer kiosks, mounted monitors, and enclosed lockable storage cabinets.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options available. It's even easier to get overwhelmed when you start designing your display. Artwork templates, accepted formats, outlined fonts, and image dpi and color modes, codes, and values can quickly get pretty complicated for someone who doesn't speak design language.

You certainly don't want to spend your money on a display, only to receive it and find that it’s pixelated and blurry or the wrong color. And, if you're going to spend the money, don't you want to get a display that’s designed to draw attention and represent your business in a professional and appealing way? Of course you do.

We Can Help

At Storm Cloud, we have plenty of experience in designing tradeshow booth displays, as well as helping businesses choose a display option that stands out from the crowd and fits their budget. We know what all those strange design terms mean and how to ensure that your booth looks exactly like the proof we mock up and send you.

Let's take this opportunity to knock some socks off, together!

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