Has anyone ever told you to invest in marketing? If so, they were a very smart person! Marketing is more than sending out mailers or making a Facebook page. When you choose to spend money with a marketing agency you are also investing in a team of knowledgeable people who are always looking to make your business their top priority. Your goals become your marketing firm’s goals. They make all decisions based on the benefit of clients to ensure they reach their goals. Now, there is also a point to make here: marketing services are not free. So let’s talk about why investing in marketing is a no-brainer.

Build Brand Awareness

Marketing initiatives almost always build awareness of your brand or business. But why does everyone make a big fuss about brand awareness? That is simple. Consumers’ purchasing decisions are largely influenced by the brand behind the product/service. People are more likely to purchase a brand based on what they have seen before and what brand comes to mind first.

Have you ever stopped in a grocery store and thought about why you buy a certain brand of toothpaste?

Probably not. If your toothpaste brand has been around a while you probably know they are good quality and recognize their product so you buy it. The odds of going to the grocery store and purchasing a different toothpaste that you have never heard of is low. Strong brand awareness leads to creating lifelong customers for your company. Repeat business is how companies continue to grow sales and leave the competition in the dust.

Not only do consumers need to be able to recognize your brand they need to have a reason to choose you over the competition. Most brands and companies are always running some sort of campaign for awareness. The goal is to get your name and brand out there for the right people to see.

invest in marketing brand awareness

Brand awareness can become so large that consumers recognize your brand’s symbol rather than the name. Think about the Starbucks logo. There is nothing on their logo that reflects anything related to coffee but consumers immediately recognize it as their favorite coffee because of the effort that went into creating that brand recognition.

Through brand awareness, you also begin to build credibility with consumers. People like to purchase items from brands and companies that they trust and understand. Before a customer decides to buy from you they are consciously or unconsciously deciding whether to trust your brand or not. Then customers are going to want to understand the value that you are offering to them with your product or service. Once you build credibility with your consumer, you might just have won them over for life.

Attract New Leads/Customers

Maybe your business is attracting a good amount of leads, but are these leads the customers that you want? Are they good quality? This is a large area to focus on to bring the right customers to your door. Imagine a world where all of the leads your business receives are good quality and purchase from you.

By investing in marketing you give a marketing firm the chance to increase the number of leads and customers you are receiving by directing their efforts towards this goal. Creating and executing these types of campaigns takes strategy and content creation that requires a large time investment. Most people do not have time to put the right attention to these campaigns. By outsourcing to a marketing agency these campaigns can thrive with love and attention from an experienced team of professionals.

Drive Revenue and Promote Long Term Growth

There is a direct correlation between marketing and revenue, this is simple. What is not simple is how to track if your marketing dollars are coming back to your business in the form of revenue.

In the past, marketing was mainly used to only drive awareness and interest in businesses and brands. Now that the world is more digital there is the ability to track more when it comes to marketing. With a planned strategy it is possible to see your marketing dollars return to your business in the form of leads or sales revenue.

Are you tracking how someone found your business, what pages on your website are visited the most, or which type of ad brought in the most conversions? The answer is probably, “No”. At a marketing agency, we look through the entire process of how customers reach your door or website. We track these items to create the perfect user flow and help you reach your goals.

Without marketing, there are high odds that organic traffic will not grow your business quickly. Organic traffic typically takes a while to work in your favor. By hiring an agency to work to grow your business with marketing is an investment in the growth of your company. These agencies work to create strategies that incorporate short term initiatives as well as long term goals.

Read more about how marketing is an investment for your whole business.

Invest In a Marketing Partner

invest in marketing

The biggest benefit of a marketing agency is their knowledge of marketing and the digital space to troubleshoot issues that many people cannot solve on their own. Imagine having a team that has the time to strategize and think of proactive, creative ideas for your business? Pretty cool.

All of these reasons are valuable to make the decision of investing in your business with marketing. Now let’s have a heart to heart moment. Remember in the beginning when I mentioned that marketing services require an investment? They still do. Save up and invest in the future of your business with a marketing partner. You won’t regret it!

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