The end of the year means a lot of things to a lot of people.  Here in our studio, it means producing another insane New Year’s Eve promotional video for Downstream Casino Resort.

In case you need reminding of 2016’s “Back to the ’80s” spot, check it out here.

For 2017’s New Year’s Eve event, Downstream had a superhero-themed, “Heroes vs. Villains” approach already mapped out on legit storyboards by the time they came to us.  It was our task to first determine what pieces of this story were possible with our video production skill set.  Luckily, as was the case last year, we were able to pull off some intense special effects and stick to the majority of the storyline.

With an army of volunteer heroes and villains (the majority of whom are Downstream employees), we embarked on the adventure.  Portions of this spot were filmed in the hills of Branson, the alleys of Downtown Joplin, on green screen here in our studio, and of course, at Downstream Casino Resort.


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