Several new design trends are making their way into 2021. These include muted color palettes, geometric shapes, flat icons, and serif fonts. We like to think we are cutting edge, in terms of design, and have been incorporating a few of these trends before they started…trending. But, we have taken the time to add a few extra in our most recent brand refresh.

Put Your Colors on Mute

After 2020, the Year-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, we welcome the calming shift to muted color palettes. “Muted colors tend to inspire more safe, secure, and or nostalgic feelings in people,” according to Venngage. These are feelings the world could use more of in 2021!

Muted colors are a great way to make the text easier to read. An easy way to jump on this new trend – take your current brand colors and edit them to take the edge off. Achieve this effect by infusing black or white into your current color palette. When using a muted color palette, you are able to let the colors do work for you. You can use your darker colors for backgrounds, contrasting, or as an accent pop of color. Let colors help direct your audience’s eye to point of focus.

Geometric Shapes

Our main logo consists of a geometric shape which gives us flexibility when it comes to designs and graphics. The frequent use of harsh and rigid geometric shapes is now all the craze. When you use geometric shapes, it gives the look of structure and consistency. They can bring a sense of cohesiveness to different categories on screen, giving a consistent brand look with minimal effort.

Flat Icons and Illustrations

Storm Cloud Marketing Flat Icon

Many creative designs cycle through over and over again. One example of a trend that is cycling back into the design in 2021 is the use of flat icons. Flat icons are an easy way to use one graphic for multiple outlets such as social media visuals, infographics, presentations, forms, websites, and more. Flat icons are also very easy to quickly digest. At a glance, your audience can understand what the designer is trying to say.

You can also inject your branding and colors into flat graphics. With simple visuals, you can give your posts more context and have the ability to tell a story. They are also able to change in size and color more easily for more people to use and create visually pleasing products across all mediums.

Text Heavy Videos

Text-heavy videos are going to be a part of 2021, and we think it is awesome! With the current social distancing policies in place, it can be difficult to shoot new video content. With the help of motion graphics, good background music, and stellar information these new text-heavy videos are really excelling in the branding world.

With these types of videos, there are also some advantages. You can use your brand colors, fonts, and team members within your company for voice-overs. It creates brand unity across multiple channels. They also do not require video footage or schedule coordination of onscreen talent, so turnaround on these projects has the ability to happen quickly. Also, since these videos do not depend solely on sound, even a passive viewer with the sound off can absorb the information.

Marketing Vision Focuser Overview Video


With a font, you can really bring the whole feel for the brand together. When choosing our new fonts, we wanted selected a bold new font to use as an accent with our brand serif font. We wanted to showcase our creative side and had to take our mission, vibe, and our unique style into account before deciding on a beautiful font that fit all of our needs.

Simple Data Visuals

When it comes to digesting information in 2021 the new trend is simplicity. Let’s be honest no one wants to have to shift through loads of graphs and charts and heavy text blurbs just to get to the valuable information they want. Simple visuals being short, sweet and to-the-point are going to be the best technique.

Refresh Your Brand

Starting the new year with new goals? Think about refreshing your brand! We used the upcoming trends to refresh our current brand for 2021.

design trends in 2021

While there are several new design trends in 2021 we have talked about above, trends are always changing! Read more about the marketing challenges you might face in 2021 here.

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