Evolution is a necessary part of growth for any business—ours included.  We’ve experienced many transitions over the years.  From its birth in 1998, this agency’s infancy was spent focused solely on local media placement.  In 2008, it started to introduce creative services.  In 2014, creative services began to grow to equal (and eventually surpass) media placement.  Since 2014, we’ve experienced a thousand sub-transitions, pivoting to meet the needs of the fluid marketing landscape.  Social marketing demanded attention.  Content development demanded attention.  Integrated marketing strategies demanded attention.  We’re a different firm with each new day, as I’m sure your business is in its field.  Still, there are those major transitions that serve as milestone moments; markers that will be kept through time as defining moments in the legacy of your business.  This is one of those times for us.

As of February 1, 2018, we’ll be Storm Cloud Marketing.

Names change.  No big deal, right?  Agreed, but this pivotal moment isn’t so much about the name change as it is the gauntlet of goals and challenges we’ve laid down for ourselves to accompany this name change.

Every business has a running list of “we really should do this” items.  They are pieces of thoughts that, if connected properly, could be game changers . . . if you only gave them the time and attention.  They are the “man, we just have to fix this one thing” items.  They are the simple solutions to roadblocks that stand between you and a better you.  They are the “wouldn’t it be so cool if we did this” items.  They are the actions that would set you apart if you only did them.  We took that list, that “should do” list, and we put due dates on those items.  This is what our Executive Coach, Dan Chiodo, would call a “LevelUp” moment for us.  Indeed, the name changes, kind of like Gandalf the Grey’s “LevelUp” to Gandalf the White.  

We know what must be done, and we know how to do it.  We’ll always be us, true to ourselves, but this new mission and vision require a new suit and pair of shoes.

Here’s the outfit we put together:

This team is pumped and ready to show you what we can do.  Stay tuned to our blog and social channels for the adventures of Storm Cloud Marketing!

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