Howdy! I'm Davida, the Digital Manager here at Storm Cloud Marketing. This blog is about how the Universe conspired to lead me here and exactly what “here” means for me.

You might be surprised to learn that I never dreamed of working in marketing or with a computer at all. In fact, until my Senior year in high school, I was on a fast track to working in a courtroom.

That's right! I had my sights set on owning a law firm, poring over case files and data, winning controversial cases, and raking in the big bucks. I'm a great problem solver with a hunger for facts, so it always seemed like a good fit for me.

The universe had other plans for my creative, free spirit. A simple "Introduction to Technology" class in my senior year drastically changed my trajectory. More specifically, an assignment for poster designs reignited some childhood love of art within me.

I came to a crossroads. I had to decide if I was going in the predetermined direction, that smoothly paved road I had already prepared myself for academically and mentally. Or, was I was going to take this new dusty road? My heart pulled in this direction, but I was fearful and uncertain.

I decided to take that dusty dirt road. After all, I am a farm girl, and I love getting a little dirt on my hands.

I abruptly changed course. Instead of enrolling in a university for my undergraduate studies, I enrolled at a local trade school offering a Graphic Design and Printing Certification. I will never regret this leap of faith. I later went on to get my degree in the Art of Graphic Design at The Art Institutes.

One semester before completing college, I started working for a local publishing company. It was, for the most part, paper-pushing. But I was able to put my design skills and printing knowledge to practice, pick up a few new data and web-related skills, and it's where I met Jessi. She's our amazingly talented Creative Director here at Storm.

Universe, point 1!

When Jessi left and joined the Storm team, I knew I wanted more, too. I was bored. I'd check job listings daily for something that was a better fit. A different marketing agency was hiring for a graphic designer. I applied with no real-life marketing experience, and surprisingly, I landed the job. But, after eight months, they downsized and let me go.

Despite being let go, I had a fire bigger than ever burning inside. I had learned so much, and I liked the marketing world! I enjoyed understanding a client's journey from the initial need to the solution. I knew I wanted to find something where I could take part in big picture type thinking. It had to be a marketing agency!

I could not stop thinking about Storm Cloud Marketing. I wanted to be part of the process, not just the part that involved design, but everything that came before and after. I enjoyed making pretty things, but I had a deep desire to understand it all from start to impact.

No openings!

I set my sight on it anyway and continued along my path, believing the universe would bring it to me. I headed back to my stagnant but comfortable publishing job. Meanwhile, I started learning everything I could about marketing. I also used my spare time to expand my skill sets.

Cue the universe, conspiring for me! A lot!

The next few years would be what felt like a never-ending gravel road that hadn't had maintenance for half a decade. Due to downsizing, my desire to do better, a company for sale, and a marketing department under new budget constraints. I found myself without a job two times and switching jobs twice more in just 3 years.

All the while, I stayed hard at work, building the skills I'd need to do what I do now. Everywhere I went, I absorbed as much as I could and tried to learn new skills that weren't necessarily “my job."

I worked in full-service print shops conceptualizing, designing, and producing end products. I learned about revenue, quotes, and billing. I joined marketing meetings where I started with the team at the beginning of a problem, a pain point, an idea, an emergency. I learned to be multifaceted, understand the ins and outs of marketing, and how to collect and analyze data.

I've been allowed the opportunity to be involved in every part of the process from marketing research to results. I loved being able to see the whole picture and the impact that any one action had. And, at the end of it all, I ended up working hand in hand with Storm Cloud Marketing.

After this opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge and talents to the Storm team first-hand, they offered me a position. Best decision ever!

Here I am, rocking it out as the Digital Marketing Manager. It's both fulfilling and rewarding to know that the work that I do has tangible results. I get to be the listener and the solver. I get to affect change, help others find ways to grow their businesses, and put all the skills I've learned along the way into practice. I get to make a measurable difference!

From the very beginning, even when I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, it was always about helping people solve their problems.

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